A Live Controversy


USA Today

Boy with autism gets hard lesson in court
Tamara Henry (1998, March 11, p. D1)

Schools back decision on disabled students
Tamara Henry (1998, January 14, p. A1)

The Roanoke Times

Opinion Page – Lessons in mutual respect benefit all
(1998, February 20)

My son's right to an education doesn't hurt others'
Roxana Hartmann (1998, February 16, Commentary)

Praise for Montgomery's inclusion policy
Loni Greenberg (1998, February 23, Commentary)

Schools reflect nation's diversity
Letters to the Editor

Lessons in mutual respect benefit all
Letters to the Editor

Opinion Page – Learning-challenged kids shouldn't be in regular classrooms
Steve Holladay (1998, February 7)

Seeking best place to learn
Lisa Applegate, Katy Lu (1998, February 1, p. A1)

Autistic pupil loses fight to be included
Kathy Lu (1998, January 14, p. A1)

Autistic boy seeks top appeal
Lisa Applegate (1997, October 3, p. B1)

Parents of Autistic Child May Take Their Case to High Court
Lisa Applegate (1997, July 12)

Autistic child can go back to Loudoun school, judge says
Lisa Applegate (1996, December 6, NRV Current p. 1)

Mainstreaming in Montgomery
(1995, March 7, Editorial)

Judge lets autistic boy attend Montgomery school
Melissa DeVaughn (1995, March 4, p. A1)

Judge hears from autistic boy's mom, School Board
Melissa DeVaughn (1995, February 17, p. B1)

Handicapped kids mustn’t be segregated
(1996, March 11, Letters to the Editor)

Opinion Page – Residency is the only requirement
(1995, February 16)

Autistic pupil not welcome – Montgomery doubts residency
Milissa DeVaughn (1995, February 10, p. A1)

Leesburg Today

Hartmann Case Declined by Supreme Court (1998, January 21). Leesburg Today, Inside Education.

Hartmanns Appeal to High Court
(1997, October 8)

Hartmann Case to High Court? (1997, July 16, p. 3)

Hartmann appeal voted
(1996, December 11)

System Failed
Kenny Akers (1996, December 11, Letter to the Editor)

Court Rules Child Improperly Denied Classroom Setting
(1996, December 4, p. 3)

Hartmann Case in Federal Court
(1996, September 4)

Hartmann Case Back in Court
(1996, May 22, Inside Education)

Hartmanns in Second Case
(1995, February 22, p. 1)

Appeal Officer Names in Hartmann Case
(1995, January 25)

Parents to Appeal Autistic ruling
(1994, December 23, p. 3)

Hearing Concludes
(1994, November 2)

Hearing Continues on Autistic Child (1994, September 20). Leesburg Today, p. 12.

Testimony Paints Contradictory Picture of Autistic Child
Carolyn Green (1994, August 17, p. 7)

Calling the Shots
(1994, August 17)

Parents Appeal Child's Removal From Classroom
(1994, August 10, p. 7)

Eastern Loudoun Times

Court closes book on Harmann case
Liz Frost and Shannon Sollinger (1997, January 15, p. A1)

Hartmanns petition Supreme Court
Liz Frost (1997, October 2, p. A1)

Schools win inclusion case
Lisa Frost (1997, July 17, p. A1)

Farmer, Time (1997, May 8). Hartmanns back in court. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Traeger, James; Julien, Pat (1997, January 16). Inclusion threatens rights of all children. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A10.

Teachers already face too many disruptions (1997, January 16). Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A8.

Autistic Student’s teacher was well trained (1996, December 26). Eastern Loudoun Times, Community Forum, Letter to the editor.

Loudoun can be a better place for everyone (1996, December 19). Eastern Loudoun Times, Community Forum, Letter to the editor.

Akers, Kenny (1996, December 12). Parents should challenge inclusion appeal. Eastern Loudoun Times, Community Forum, Letter to the Editor.

Schools appeal decision
Tim Farmer (1996, December 12, p. A1)

Farmer, Tim (1996, December 5). Hartmanns win case on appeal. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1996, September 5). Hartmanns’ inclusion case returns to court next week. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A3.

Farmer, Tim (1996, March 14). Hartmanns continue fight for inclusion. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A3.

Farmer, Tim (1995, December 14). Hartmanns appeal decision on inclusion. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A7.

Decision allows autistic child to enter school
Tim Farmer (1995, March 9)

Farmer, Tim (1995, January 19). Family appeals ruling on son’s school. Eastern Loudoun Times.

Farmer, Tim (1995, January 18). Autistic Child’s Parents To Appeal. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

1994: The Year in Review – Mark Hartmann (1995, January 5). Eastern Loudoun Times.

Farmer, Tim (1994, December 22). For the Hartmanns, a devastating blow. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1994, December 22). Schools win inclusion case. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

LeClercq, Julie (1994, December 15). Ashburn school staff deserves praise for its work. Eastern Loudoun Times, Letter to the Editor.

Inclusion decision could come Friday
Tim Farmer (1994, December 15, p. A1)

Bailey, Judy (1994, December 8). Schools ought to prepare students for the future. Eastern Loudoun Times – letter to the editor.

Kidner, Vickie (1994, December 1). Ashburn teachers work to meet all students’ needs. Eastern Loudoun Times – letter to the editor.

Farmer, Tim (1994, November 24). Parents of Autistic Child’s classmates voice concerns about disruptions. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Lawyer, Heidi (1994, November 17). Parents of autistic child react to Hartmann story. Eastern Loudoun Times – letter to the editor.

Frost, Liz (1994, November 3). Hearing sparks interest from other parents. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Frost, Liz (1994, November 3). Inclusion Decision due Dec. 9. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Frost, Liz (1994, October 20). Autistic child’s hearing resumes. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Schools say reports show compliance with federal regLiz Frost (1994, October 13, p. A1)

A Question of Commitment – Inclusion debate focuses on attitude
Liz Frost (1994, October 6, p. A1)

Frost, Liz (1994, September 29). Battle continues on inclusion case. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1994, September 22). Inclusion debate resumes. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

Erickson, Joan (1994, September 15). Educating special kids is never easy. Eastern Loudoun Times – letter to the editor.

Voldish, Robert (1994, September 8). Letters reflect controversy over inclusion. Eastern Loudoun Times – letter to the editor.

Where are the advocates for regular children? (1994, September 1). Eastern Loudoun Times – Community Forum.

Talis, Judy (1994, September 1). Diversity enriches life for all school students. Eastern Loudoun Times – Community Forum.

Farmer, Tim (1994, August 16). Wary Parents Watch. Eastern Loudoun Times.

Farmer, Tim (1994, August 11). A question of inclusion: Parents of autistic child fight change in school plan. Eastern Loudoun Times, p. A1.

The Washington Post

Loudoun Disability Case Won't Be Heard
Metro Section (1998, January 14)

Appeal in Autism Case
Metro Section (1997, October 1)

Court Backs Decision to Remove Autistic Boy From Regular Class
Victoria Benning (1997, July 10, p. D1)

Loudoun to Appeal Ruling
Around the Region (1996, December 7)

Loudoun Must Mainstream Autistic Boy
Louie Estrada (1996, December 5, p. A1)

Fairfax's Exclusive Public Schools
Editorial Page (1996, October 13)

Parents' suit seeks to return autistic son to Loudoun Schools
Louie Estrada (1996, September 10)

Autistic Boy Doing Well
Victoria Benning (1996, May 20, p. B3)

Finding on Autistic Boy Upheld
Metro Section (1995, May 6)

After Battle in Loudoun, Autistic Boy Enters Public School in SW Virginia
Debbi Wilgoren (1995, March 11)

Loudoun Parents Seek New School for Autistic Son
Around the Region (1995, February 17).

All Children need to be Able to Compete
Marlene Hunter (1995, January 15)

In Autism Case, Hearing Is Over, But Battle Isn't
Debbi Wilgoren (1994, December 27, p. D1)

Committee without a Chairman: The Modular Theory of the Mind
Curt Suplee (1994, December 19)

Educating Mark
Editorial Page (1994, December 17)

Loudoun Can Take Autistic Boy Out Of Regular Class
Peter Pae (1994, December 16, p. C1)

Ruling Due on Boy's Schooling
Debbi Wilgoren (1994, December 8, p. 1)

Mother Says Regular School Is Crucial for Autistic Boy
Debbi Wilgoren (1994, October 28, p. B3)

Swept Away by the Mainstream
Marcia Reback (1994, September 6, p. A17)

As Loudoun Goes, So May Other Schools: Case Could Influence future of 'Inclusion' of Disabled Students
Debbi Wilgoren; Peter Pae (1994, August 28, p. B1)

Loudoun Wants Autistic Boy Out of Class
Debbi Wilgoren (1994, August 16, p. B1)

The New York Times

Where All Doors Are Open for Disabled Students
Tamar Lewin (1997, December 28, p. 1)

Family Tests Law on the Meaning of Inclusion
Tamar Lewin (1997, December 28, p. 1)

The Loudoun Easterner

Supreme Court Plea in Hartmann Case (1997, October 8). The Loudoun Easterner.

Deblaay, Marge (1994, December 14). DeVries success story. The Loudoun Easterner – Letters.

The Communicator

Ruppmann, Jamie (1997, Summer-Fall Issue). 4th Circuit Panel Overturns Hartmann Decision – Judges Decide to Let District be the Judge. The Communicator, a publication of the Autism National Committee, Volume 8, No. 2. page 1.

Loudoun Times-Mirror

Frost, Lisa; Sollinger, Shannon (1997, July 16). Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A18.

‘Mainstreaming’ Not in Broad General Interest (1996, December 18). Loudoun Times-Mirror, Letter to the Editor.

Farmer, Tim (1996, December 11). Board Appeals Decision In autistic Student’s Case. Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Farmer, Tim (1996, December 4). Judge Rules For Autistic Student in School Case. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1996, September 4). Autistic Student’s Fight Goes to U.S. District Count. Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Farmer, Tim (1995, February 8). Hartmanns Face Second Law-Suit. Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Educating Mark (1994, December 28). Loudoun Times-Mirror, Year in Review.

Farmer, Tim (1994, December 28). Verdict on Inclusion Issue ‘Devastating’ for Parents – Impact on Others Causing Concern. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1994, December 21). Inclusion: Schools Supported – Appeal Possible. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Frost, Liz (1994, November 16). Autism Case Triggers Interest. Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Williams, Ann (1994, November 9). Autism: Disturbing Testimony. Loudoun Times-Mirror – letter to the editor.

Appelgren, B.J. (1994, November 9). Where is the School Board? Loudoun Times-Mirror – letter to the editor.

Frost, Liz (1994, November 2). Autism Decision Pending. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Snodgrass, Patti (1994, October 26). Parents Demand Disability Commitment: Inclusion Hearing to Resume. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A13.

Frost, Liz (1994, October 19). Inclusion Hearing for Autistic Child Resumes Next week. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A24.

Frost, Liz (1994, October 5). Autistic Student’s Situation Debated. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A3.

Frost, Liz (1994, September 28). Both Sides Heard In Autism Case. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Fighting for Equal Rights (1994, September 21). The Loudoun Times-Mirror, editorial, p. A12.

Farmer, Time (1994, September 21). Hearing On Autistic Child Will Resume. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1994, August 17). Hearing: ‘Inclusion’ Debated. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A1.

Farmer, Tim (1994, August 10). Hearing on Autistic Child goes Public. Loudoun Times-Mirror, p. A2.

The Easel - The Newsletter of the Autism Society of America NOVA Chapter

Mark Hartmann’s Win (1997, January). The Easel, p. 6.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Reporter

Court Finds Regular Ed Is LRE for 11-year-old with Autism, Persuaded by Evidence of Success (1996, December 26). Individuals With Disabilities Education Law Reporter, Volume 24, Issue 12, p. 1.

The Observer

The Disabled and School Inclusion (1996, December 13). The Observer, Editorial, p. 10.

Giaramita, Stephanie (1996, December 13). Schools Appeal Federal Ruling. The Observer, Sterling News Report.

Moore, Christopher (1994, December 16). Schools Win Case Against Autistic Boy. The Observer, p. 1.

Lavyer, Heidi (1994, December 9). Loudoun is Asking Wrong Questions in Education for Disabled. The Observer, p. 11.

Bailey, Judy (1994, December 9). Teaching Disabled Students Provides Diverse Workplace. The Observer – letter to the editor.

Moore, Christopher (1994, November 4). Ashburn Autistic Child’s Education Decided Dec. 9. The Observer, p. 1.

Morre, Christopher (1994, October 21). Some Praise Loudoun’s Special Education. The Observer, p. 1.

The Montgomery Sentinel

Gordon, Marty (1996, December 7). Federal court says autistic child can go back to NOVA. Blacksburg Sentinel, p. 1.

The Sterling Observer

Moore, Christopher; Giaramita, Stephanie (1996, December 6). Ashburn Boy Wins Court Ruling. The Sterling Observer, p. 1.

Moore, Christopher (1995, March 12). Autistic Child Attending Blacksburg School. The Sterling Observer.

Moore, Christopher (1995, January 20). Autistic Child Pulled from Ashburn School. The Sterling Observer, p. 3.

Bad Insight – Education for Disabled Questioned in Loudoun (1994, December 23). The Sterling Observer, p. 10.

Moore, Christopher (1994, October 14). Inclusion Education is Uphill Battle in Loudoun. The Sterling Observer, p. 1.

Moore, Christopher (1994, October 7). Ashburn Autistic Boy Seeks Regular School. The Sterling Observer, p. 1.

The Journal

Judge weighs autistic case
Associated Press (1996, September 11)

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Trial over schooling site for autistic boy under way
(1996, September 11)

News Messenger

Mother of autistic child awaits ruling
Pat Hahn (1995, February 24)

Viva - Revista Diaria de la Nacion, San Jose, Costa Rica

El Caso de Mark – Conflicto por Autista (1995, 25 de enero). Viva – Revista Diaria de la Nacion, p. 1.

La Nacion – Sociedad

Palacino C., Amalia (1995, 25 de enero). Polemica por nino autista. La Nacion – Sociedad.

Washington Hispanic

Vela, Milagros (1994, 23 de diciembre). Niegan a nino autista estudiar en escuela regular. Washington Hispanic.

Vela, Milagros (1994, 10 de diciembre). Caso de nino autista en manos de juez. Washington Hispanic, p. 1.

El Diario de la Nacion

Hernandez, Ione (1994, 22 de diciembre). Nino autista rechazado de la escuela. El Diario de la Nacion, p. 1.

People Weekly Magazine

Mark Hartmann (1994, November 7). People Weekly Magazine, p. 4.

Rosen, Marjorie; Jones, Rochelle (1994, October 17). Odd Child Out – A

Virginia couple fight for their disruptive autistic son’s right to attend regular classes. People Weekly Magazine, p. 113.

The Daily Herald

Associated Press (1994, July 8). Teachers seek special ed training – NEA stops short of urging ban on mainstreaming. The Daily Herald.

TASH Upfront Opinion

Laski, Frank (1997, January). Upfront Opinion. Task News Letter, Volume 23, Issue Number 1, p.3.