A Live Controversy


A. Letter sent by the Hartmanns to Ms. Kearney in March 1993 with all attachments

B. Ms. Hunt's report of consultation

C. First quarter evaluation reports written by Ms. Johnson and Ms. Clement-Waterhouse

D. Letter from LCPS reporting the results of the Eligibility Committee's meeting relating to Mark Hartmann

E. Behavior plan memorandum written by Ms. Clement-Waterhouse and Ms. Johnson dated January 31, 1994

F. Second quarter grading period reports written by Ms. Clement-Waterhouse and Ms. Johnson

G. Documents prepared by the Hartmanns for the teachers at Ashburn Elementary School

H. The final 'Current Level of Functioning' document as negotiated by the Hartmanns for Mark

I. Third quarter grading period reports by Ms. Johnson, Ms. McCullough, and Ms. Clement-Waterhouse

J. Letters from the Hartmanns to LCPS relating to issues that the Hartmanns wanted addressed at the IEP meeting scheduled for May 31, 1994

K. The annual reports submitted by the Ashburn E.S. staff. (Please note that Ms. McCullough is named on these reports as being Mark's case manager)

L. Ms. Beckler's complete evaluation of Mark Hartmann

M. Dr. Edelson's report concerning the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI) for Mark Hartmann

N. Ms. Thornton's complete evaluation of Mark Hartmann

O. LCPS's memorandum on behalf of LCPS to initiate due process proceedings against the Hartmanns

P. The Hartmanns' post hearing brief relating to the due process proceeding

Q. Mark Hartmann's IEP for 1995-96 at Kipps Elementary School, dated March 9, 1995