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Autism Training Opportunities of Southwest Virginia

The authors of A Live Controversy want to welcome you to Autism Training Opportunites of Southwest Virginia. As parents, we have experienced first hand the need for on-going training in our region for parents and professionals, who live and work every day with a person on the Autism Spectrum. The training events that we sponsor are designed to fill gaps in staff experience and to improve special education services throughout our region. Since we are just a group of parents, attendance fees are required for us to cover expenses.

Through the years of our son's education, we have always focused on discovering/learning the best practices in education and in research for our love ones. In our experience we judge that if you as a professional or parent attend one of our conferences/workshops and learn just one thing that you can use when you return home or to school, then you have made a good investment for the future. You will be better prepared for that moment in the future when you can use that kernel of knowledge. The simple truth is that ongoing training is essential for parents and teachers. Our intent is to bring to southwest Virginia the very best and brightest minds in the field of autism and education to enlighten us. We're talking about National Level Speakers and Experts! These are rare opportunities, especially since our region is low in population and the school budgets are so limited.

We have taken on the task of organizing conferences and workshops with the goal that you too will become a supporter and come to the training events. Our surveys completed by each attendee after each event speaks volumnes to us and has helped us fine-tune the process to make our training events the very best in the region.

We invite you to email us if you have any suggestions on speakers. If you are a presenter yourself, send us an email with information on the focus of your expertise.

Email: r.hartmann@alivecontroversy.com

Next Event:

Strategies for Supporting Adolescents and Adults

October 28, 2014

Past Events:

Two Half Day Workshops: Senses & Sensibilities and Obstacles Into Opportunities

May 8, 2014

Liane Holliday Willey: Understanding, Supporting and Living with Asperger Syndrome

November 6, 2013

Executive Function Deficits: A Practical Strategies Seminar for Educators and Clinicians Working with Students Diagnosed with Executive Function Disorder, Autism, Asperger's, ADD, NVLD

April 17, 2013

William Stillman

December 5, 2012

Early Intervention: Getting Babies Ready for the Future - Birth to 5 years

October 3, 2012

Inclusion in 2012: Promoting Membership, Participation, and Learning in General Education Classrooms for Students with Autism and Related Disabilities

May 3, 2012

Autism and Mental Health: Fostering Awareness and Resilience

April 18, 2012